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    The Artist Was Born And Lives In Tver, At A Certain Period life Belonged To The Category Of Marginals, Adversely Influenced Itself Herself. A Few Years Later, She Began To Practice Professionally sand Show. This Technique Did Not Allow Working On Such complex Topics Such As Human Unification, Loss And Gain meanings, Plastic Behavior, Zeroing A Person. Artist turned To The Field Of Contemporary Art, Exploring The Human Soul And chose Him As The Center Of Her Art.
Artist Statement
      The General Message Is The Study Of The Human Essence, The Soul And Its Searches, Experiments, Mistakes. By Understanding Yourself And Society. Man And His Soul Are Integral. he Artist Shows The Meaning Of A Person's Search For Self, Vocation, Love, God, Mission, Or The Absence Of These Meanings In His Works.
      Form Of Expression - Modular (not Standard-shaped Patterns) Canvases, Installations, Sculptures, Media Objects, Interdisciplinary Practices, Experiments.
      Technique – The Artist Chooses Transparent Materials (thermoplastics, Glass, Resin, Pet) As A Symbol Of The Transcendence Of The Human Soul. The Artist Integrates Painting Into His Objects In Different Ways (print, Collage, Original Painting). Painting And Object Are Inseparable For The Artist. Painting Translates The Visual Experiences Of The Artist, And The Material Animates The Object, Giving It Three-dimensionality.
      Method Of Expression - The Artist Creates Some Sort Of Allegory, Metaphor, Conceptual Symbolism, And The Grotesque. These Methods Allow You To Show Binary Meanings, Unravel Connections, And Give Answers To Both The Artist And The Viewer. Grotesque Hyperbolizes Reality, Exaggerates The Visual Part.
      I Am Interested In And Can Become An Insider For Creating An Object Or Project In The Following Components Of The Human Soul (we Are Not Talking About A Specific Person, This Is A General Concept Of A Person): Psyche And All Its Possible Manifestations; Decomposition Of A Person's Personality; The Ability To Collect Yourself In Parts; All Essences Of A Person Are Interested In Bad, Good, Intermediate, Everything In A Person Is Literally Everything; Fatal Human Errors; Human Stupidity; Unification Of A Person, His Forms Of Subordination, Non-submission To The System, Society; Loss Of Meaning And Gaining Meaning; Split Personality Structure; Internal War Of Man; Not Natural And Sincere Emotions; Plastic Behavior; Going Beyond And Living In A Box;
psychology Of An Outsider, A Winner; Personality Autonomy; Ascetic Behavior; Deformation Of Human Consciousness; Multi-layered Emotional Experiences Of A Person; Re-creating Yourself As A New Person; Alter Ego Of A Person; Drama And Tragedy Of The Human Soul, Life; Human Vices;
God-centeredness, Denial, Seeking, Stagnation, Lack Of Will; Human Degradation; Zeroing A Person; People As A Collective Mind;
This Is Not All That Interests Me In The Human Soul, Only A Small Part. In My Opinion, God Is Interested In Man As The Most Complex Matter + Soul, And I Am Interested In What Is Interesting To God. I Would Like To Study Such A Complex World As The Human Soul. 
 Moscow State Institute Of Culture And Arts (2008-2014)
 decorative And Applied Arts 
 Exhibition History
2021  -  Grant For The Implementation Of The Project "Licking Wounds" From The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation Within The Framework Of The Project " Vulgarity "(Moscow)
2021 - Group exhibition "without touching the body" in the foundation and studio of Yulia Yakubovich (Moscow)
2021 - Personal exhibition "-body / minus the body" in KC Rails, Gallery Room (Tver)
2021 - Group exhibition "1m" gallery Victoria (Samara)
2021 - Prague Biennale Of Media Art "RE CONNECT ART" (Prague)

2021 - Center For Contemporary Art S. Kuryokhin (showing The Video Of The Club), Video Art "Articulated Man" (St. Petersburg)

2021 - Group Exhibition "Creation By Destruction" Gallery "Nagornaya" (Moscow)

2021 - Group Exhibition "Preposition Of Bohemia" At The Opening Of The Space "Art Hub" (Ivanovo)

2021 - Group Exhibition "Visibility" From The Cluster "history Of One Project", Space "Sevkabel" (St. Petersburg)

2021 - Group Exhibition "Myths Of New Media" In The Art Cluster "Tavrida" (Koktybel)

2021 - Group Exhibition "Childhood" Within The Framework Of The Festival "SNEZHI", Art Space "Kochegarnya" (Tomsk)

2021  -  Group Exhibition Project "Family Values" In The Gallery "Na Peschanoi" (special Program Of The VII Moscow Youth Biennale Of Young Art) (Moscow)

2020  -  Identity Center " Belyaevo "(Moscow) Personal Exhibition "Preservation Of Memories". Grant For The Exhibition From The Association " Exhibition Halls (Moscow)

2020  -  Izmailovo Exhibition Hall Group Exhibition "Man In Translation" Within The Framework Of The Polish Film Festival "Vistula" (Moscow)

2019  -  Exhibition Hall In The Shopping Center "Univer" Personal Exhibition " Grotesque. Installation. Arte Povera" (Tver)

2019 - KC "Typography" Group Exhibition "Moving Dream" (Krasnodar)

2018  -  And 2020-Art Revolucion Taipei (Taipei)