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Art for me is a big part of my life. I treat the process with great love and appreciate it all from the beginning to the end. I received 2 educations (Arts and crafts), worked in Bulgaria as an artist, performed with an art project at TEDX , in 2017 organized and held my first exhibition.Within the international competition in China "The 2nd Silk Road & Young Dreams" took the 6th place among 50 contestants. Work by the artist ,but to the present the art is a little irrelevant. I would like to collaborate with contemporary art galleries. I want to make my art understandable to people. Understandable in any country, that would each of my paintings had an international language. Now I am preparing a series of works in mixed media called "Revelations". I am inspired by : God, people, biographies, art, nature, cities. I think that the meaning of my works is much more important than their authenticity.